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Health and Counsulting


Travis Woodworth, Glooscap Team Member


Health & Safety Planner

Travis Woodworth (he/him) is a band member of Millbrook First Nation near Truro, NS. He started with Glooscap Health and Safety in September 2021 after completing the Occupational Health and Safety Program at NSCC. Travis wanted to work in the safety field after experiencing various degrees of workplace safety compliance through jobs that included food processing, electrical and labour positions. In these roles, he often found that frontline employees did not want to speak up about safety concerns and were not properly trained in jobsite safety. He wanted to change that and to allow employees’ concerns to be voiced and acknowledged by management. 

Travis enjoys creating engaging training sessions with frontline employees that will get them on board with workplace safety and changes to current programs. 

Travis is excited to be part of the Glooscap Health and Safety team and looks forward to serving clients. 



Safety Navigator 

Alexis Jones (she/her) is a dynamic individual with a passion for both Business and Education. Throughout her life, she has been on a relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth, embodying the spirit of a lifelong learner.

With a solid educational background in Business Administration, Alexis has honed her skills in strategic planning, resource management, and organizational leadership. Her keen understanding of business principles has led her to excel in various professional settings, where she has contributed significantly to the growth and success of organizations.


Alexis firmly believes that communication is the cornerstone of success, and she continuously hones her people skills to become an even more effective communicator. Whether leading a team, collaborating on projects, or engaging with clients, she always prioritizes understanding, empathy, and active listening.

Alexis Jones is a passionate advocate for continuous improvement, she is a force of positive change in both her professional and personal life. With her  commitment to learning and her exceptional people skills, she continues to make a lasting impact on those around her.


Dustin Isnor
Safety Navigator

Dustin Isnor (he/him) is a vital member of the Glooscap Health and Safety team, contributing a rich background from the manufacturing sector, known for its stringent safety standards. His deep-rooted experience in environments where safety is non-negotiable has honed his ability to identify and mitigate workplace hazards effectively.


A long-standing employee within the Glooscap community, Dustin brings an invaluable wealth of community knowledge and insight to his role, reinforcing our mission to foster a safe and healthy workplace culture. His commitment and expertise significantly enhance our team's capability to address safety challenges and promote well-being throughout the community.


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