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Project Overview

The IDEAL Project is a comprehensive program designed to integrate inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility, and leadership into the workplace. Developed by Nokiwiin Tribal Council, this initiative offers a 1-2 day training course, encompassing several critical topics:

  • Cultural Competence and Sensitivity

  • Unconscious Bias Training

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Conflict Resolution and Allyship

What does IDEAL mean?

  • Inclusivity: Welcoming and respecting all individuals, regardless of background.

  • Diversity: Valuing varied identities and perspectives.

  • Equity: Ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all.

  • Accessibility: Making environments and tools usable by everyone.

  • Leadership: Promoting leadership from diverse and underrepresented groups.

Training Course

Our facilitators deliver this course at your workplace, providing participants with the knowledge and skills to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace environment. The training is adaptable, catering to the unique needs of each organization.

Confidential Workplace Assessment

As part of the IDEAL Project, we offer a confidential workplace assessment. This assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of Current Practices: Analyzing existing workplace policies and practices concerning inclusivity and diversity.

  • Identification of Improvement Areas: Highlighting areas where inclusivity and diversity can be enhanced.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Providing practical, tailored recommendations for fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Why Choose IDEAL?

  • Promotes a Holistic Work Environment: Encourages a culture of respect, understanding, and acceptance.

  • Enhances Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Creates a workplace where every individual feels valued and empowered.

  • Improves Organizational Performance: Diverse perspectives lead to innovative solutions and improved decision-making.

  • Best Practices and Beyond: Meets current inclusion and diversity best practices and cultivates a progressive workplace culture.

Get in Touch

Start the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace with the IDEAL Project. Contact us to learn more about our training courses and how the IDEAL Project can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs.

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